Membership Requirements and Forms


If you are a Marine, male or female, active duty, retired, serving with the Reserves or no longer actively serving, and served a minimum of 90 days and were discharged or separated under honorable conditions, you could be one of us!

THE DEPARTMENT OF PENNSYLVANIA is looking for a "few good men and women" to join the detachments throughout the Commonwealth and uphold the proud traditions of the United States Marine Corps!
Membership application link. (in printable .pdf format)

This application is contained on two pages, to print it out, click on the printer icon within the Adobe Acrobat window, not on your browser's printer icon. When printing it, please print page one only, remove it from your printer, turn it over, and insert the back side in the same direction, then print page two. This will allow both sides to be printed and aligned appropriately.

Any Detachment officer or member in your local area should be able to supply you with an application on request. Join us!

For those Marine Corps League members that wish to "Go Life" with their membership, saving money over the years, eliminating having to remember to renew each year, and saving your overworked Detachment Paymaster\Adjutant much paperwork and time, these are the rates, depending on your age:
Up to 35 years of age------------$325.00
Age 36 to 40------------------------$300.00
Age 41 to 50------------------------$275.00
Age 51 to 60------------------------$200.00
Over 60-------------------------------$100.00
*As a footnote please be aware that some Detachments have set up an "installment payment" plan to allow members to make payments in smaller increments. Please check with your Detachment Adjutant\Paymaster to see if such a plan is in place.)

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